The Ultimate Checklist for Easy Family Camping

Filling up the car for a weekend camping can be stressful; the list of things you need to keep every member of the family and whether big or small, teeny or tiny, is almost endless. Our advice? Write a camping checklist and check it off. Twice. Here we’ve created an adaptable, customisable list that covers any and all eventualities whilst sleeping under canvas.

Print it off, stick it to your fridge and go through it with militant efficiency to save stress on your holidays!

Camping checklist essentials

– Tent(s) (with poles, pegs etc)
– Ground mat
– Sleeping bags/duvets/pillows/roll mat
– Gazebo, shelter or tarp to create a larger sheltered area if it rains (we are in England after all!)

Personal items

– Underwear
– Socks
– Shorts
– Trousers
– T-shirts
– Beanie
– Warm base layer
– Hoodie or fleece jumper
– Waterproof coat
– Swim suits
– Sun hat
– Sun cream
– Pyjamas
– Trainers
– Flip-flops
– Walking boots/hardy shoes
– Towels

Baby & toddler

– Front-loading baby carrier/baby backpack carrier
– Travel cot
– Kids backpack
– Child’s reusable water bottle
– Portable high chair
– Portable potty/potty seat
– Child sized camp chair
– Solar/battery powered night light
– Child sized sleeping bag and roll mat

Camping cookery

– Camp stove
– Fuel
– Pots
– Pans
– Cutlery
– Plates and bowls
– Grill rack
– Chopping board
– Sharp knife (pen knife will do)
– Long-handled tongs for campfire cooking
– Tea or coffee pot
– Corkscrew
– Bottle opener
– Kitchen foil and cling film
– Sandwich bags
– Tupperware containers
– Matches/lighter/fire lighters
– Sponge and scouring pad
– Tea towls
– Biodegradable soap
– Plastic bags for rubbish
– Paper towels

Personal hygiene

– Hand sanitiser
– Baby wipes
– Moisturiser
– Deodorant
– Tiger balm/anti-bite/bug repellent
– Toothbrush and toothpaste
– Hair brush
– Shampoo & conditioner (or the biodegradable soap listed above if you’re not fussy!)
– Contacts/glasses and spares
– Any prescription medications
– First aid kit

Backcountry essentials & wildlife spotting

– Food
– Water
– Map and compass (in case your smartphone has no signal)
– Penknife
– Binoculars
– Star chart
– Solar phone charger
– Camera
– Magnifying glass
– Nature journals

Campsite play & quiet time

– Playing cards
– Colouring in books
– Football
– Bubbles
– Gameboy or something similar
– Books
– Travel games
– Board games

Think you can fit all that in your car?

Happy camping happy campers!

camping checklist for families
Family camping at Twitchen House Holiday Park, Woolacombe

This ultimate camping checklist was put together by Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks who have been offering camping holidays in North Devon for over 40 years.

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