Our top 6 ways to spend your extra holiday time

When it comes to booking a family holiday, we all like to spend more time together with our children, grandchildren and those we love and less time doing all the mundane tasks we have to do at home.

Often with self catering holidays one of the first things you need to do is make up all the beds in your accommodation. Or you need to bring it along with you, taking up space in the car, and then the washing machine goes into overdrive once you get home getting it all clean (not to mention the cost!).

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Coolest and Craziest Hot Tubs Around the World

Hot tubs can be either the very dictionary definition of sophistication, or something of a testament to eccentricity. Nevertheless, there are really only two kinds of people in the world – those who own a hot tub and those who wish they owned one.

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Best beach, now we’re a best Park

Yippee, Golden Coast has made it into the final three in the Great British Park Off awards. But it’s not a surprise to those already in the know! 

What’s our secret? Our flagship Devon Holiday Park has all the qualities you’d expect from a top holiday resort, but we wanted to share the must-see things that make it really special for your next break. So read on to find out why we’re so many people’s’ favourite…

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Lights, camera, action!

Welcome to our new website, it’s the 1st UK holiday park website with video backgrounds… and we reckon it’s also the very first holiday park website with it’s own playlist too.

We’ve also got a fresh new look, designed to reflect the colours and moods of our West Country home.

Our previous website did a brilliant job with tens of thousands of guests using it to plan and book their holidays over the past three years.

But times move on so so we’ve given it a slimmed down easy navigation and more interactive features like accommodation virtual tours of our caravans. lodges, villas, bungalows and apartments plus huge image galleries of our Parks. And of course we’ve made it even faster and easier to find a holiday deal.

Oh, and it’ll work just as well on your tablet or smartphone as on your desktop or laptop!!

Take a look around, see what you think at www.woolacombe.co.uk

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