Staying Safe at Halloween

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, meaning we have a whole day with the family for treats, costumes and other spooky activities. Also, we have a full moon to add to this spooktacular day. We must all remain socially distanced this year, but it shouldn’t mean Halloween is cancelled, we have plenty of ideas for staying safe at Halloween.

Staying safe at Halloween

Low risk activities…

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

Carve and decorate pumpkins with member of your household, display them in your windows, doorsteps or on garden walls. If you are able to safely do so, how about carving and decorating with friends or neighbours, outside and in gardens.

safe pumpkins at Halloween

Scavenger Hunts

These can be great in smaller groups, especially for children. Try a trick-or-treat scavenger hunt, in or around your own house, chasing clues and searching for hidden treats – kids will love searching in the ‘scary wardrobe’ when it gets dark and where the skeletons might get them.

Scavenger hunt Halloween

These can easily be turned into outdoor, garden or woodland style scavenger hunts, where children are given Halloween-themed instructions or things to search for in a controlled area. Staying safe at Halloween while running around the woods or local park in a costume is always fun – please follow all local guidelines for England, Scotland and Wales.

Safe at Halloween

Other Safe Halloween Activities

Get decorating. Your house, apartment, gardens and garages. We’ve not had a lot to celebrate this year, let’s start the holiday season well!

Halloween movies

Host a Halloween movie night with the people you live with, or with up to 5 friends (in the lower tiered areas of the UK). Spooky music and a gore-fest of movies, accompanied by a bloody cocktail and Halloweenies (scary sausages, of course), now that’s staying safe at Halloween.

If all else fails, a virtual Halloween costume party with as many people you can find to join you! We all know that some of us must stay very safe.

Halloween ghosts

Moderate risk activities…


This favourite will need to be modified to stay safe this Halloween. No crowds or large groups, but we can all admire each other’s costumes from a distance. We’d recommend not leaving your local areas too.

Halloween safe trick or treat

Setup one-way trick-or-treating. Line up individually wrapped gifts to be picked up at the end of a drive or on a wall or doorstep, children can pick up and walk on while staying socially distant. Use a bucket or bag to store everything until home, and avoid touching faces, masks (consider using a Halloween-themed cloth mask) and hairy hand gloves could be a winner to help keeping safe at Halloween too.

Wash hands with soap and water well before preparing Halloween bags, create a sign so the visitors know they have been prepared safely.

Halloween treats

Use sanitiser where you can, maybe provide this if you’re providing treats. Have other treats available for the children, so they aren’t digging around in bowls for sweets.

Costume Parties & Parades

A small group, outdoors, showing off for any admirers, a monster stomp if you will, parades must be different this year but can still be a lot of fun.

stay safe at halloween

Costume parties are allowed of course but remember the rule of 6 and wear protective masks where possible – remember that costume masks are not always a substitute for protective masks.

Use our blog for other holiday inspiration, and visit our website to book an amazing Woolacombe holiday! Happy Halloween!

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