A guide to Spring Camping

Spring is a great time to spend a few nights under canvas. The world is waking up from hibernation and blossoming into a colourful and lush landscape. Birds are chirping, bees are buzzing and baby animals are being born. Not to mention the weather finally thawing out enough to leave the beanie at home. Perfect for a spot of spring camping!

As eager as we all are to get outside and frolic in the longer days, throwing your kit in the car and heading for the hills may not be the best idea! Here’s our guide to camping in spring.

Check your kit

Long days of winter and storage mean that tents and coats that have holes and rips may have been forgotten and batteries probably would have long-lost their life. Take some time out to go through your kit and check that everything is in working order before heading out on your first camp of the year – nobody wants to have to sleep under a ripped tent when April showers are likely!

It’s also worth testing your camping stove and spraying boots and jackets with a waterproofing spray before they are put to the test!

Layer up for spring camping

It’s in our nature as Brits to strip off and don shorts until Christmas as soon as the first sun peaks out in spring. We know that your skin is yearning for some vit D and that there is quite a strong possibility that it might rain solidly for the next 8 months, but trust us when we say that layers are necessary when camping in spring. It will get cold as soon as the sun disappears and rain is probably likely (this is Britain, after all).

Bring those trusty winter base layers, some trousers, thick jumper and a coat and you’ll be ready for whatever the elements throw at you!

Sleep sound

The ground in spring is still cold, and even if you go to bed warm and cosy and fuzzy with campfire booze, the chill will come from below. Roll mats, thermarests and yoga mats are all excellent as cold barriers, as well as four-season sleeping bags, thick pyjamas and blankets.

Bring fire starters

If you’re going to have a campfire, or cooking over open flames and not a camping stove, be sure to take firelighters and an old newspaper with you. Although spring brings warmer weather, kindling can often be damp and useless when trying to light a fire!

bonfire spring camping
Being prepared is essential for enjoyable spring camping

Do you have any spring camping tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments below!

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