Healthy on Holiday

Your holiday has been especially well deserved this year, and it’s the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy those finer things in life. What isn’t always easy is staying healthy on holiday, so we have a few tips for you – they can be the difference between thoroughly enjoying your time away or heading home more exhausted than before you left!

Woolacombe Beach

It’s not just about the food you choose either; our self-contained accommodation will always give you the option to bring your own healthy goodness to fill the cupboards & fridge with. Fill your days with healthy choices, and head home feeling well relaxed, inside and out.

Drink Plenty of Water

We hear this all the time, but when you’re sitting in the sun or running about in the waves, it is especially important to make sure you always have plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated is of utmost importance when trying to stay healthy on holiday somewhere hot.

drinking water to stay healthy on holiday

You may have indulged in the clubhouse too, so make sure you have plenty of drinks with you to top yourself up in the morning. Keeping a handy bottle of water with you, and for the family, is always advisable when popping out to explore the area.

Often, we can mistake thirst for hunger, so you can easily end up eating more when you are dehydrated. Choose watermelon or strawberries, which contain high amounts of water, for a healthier & hydrating snack too.

Stay Active

Walk, walk, walk, walk. To the facilities, to the beach, to the village. We have plenty of walks to suit all abilities in the local area, we even have this handy guide. Great for families and couples alike. There are three miles of glorious golden sand on your doorstep in Woolacombe, with loads of other amazing beaches in the area.

running on the beach

North Devon boasts more than just walking; we have everything from surf schools to tennis, golf to hang-gliding, lawn bowls to cycle hire. We’ve got so much going on that we’ve had to put a staying active on holiday guide together for you, so you can stay healthy on holiday.

Don’t forget, when you’re out and about and exploring all that the local area has to offer, you’re moving about constantly, so don’t deny yourself a treat after a day on your feet!

Have a Treat a Day

Not one of us can resist an ice cream on the beach, a beer at the beach bar, or a burger after the whiff of frying onions caches you on the breeze. So, don’t deny yourself that treat when you’re on your well-deserved break – moderation is key though, don’t just wolf down whatever you see because ‘you’re on holiday’, especially if you’ve been trying hard to slim down to your beach body.

icecream on the beach

Have that treat with no guilt, and then make healthier choices for the rest of the day. Salads and fruit to offset the extra beers, a smaller portion so you can indulge in a Devon cream tea (cream on first!).

Finding that extra time to take care of yourself while on holiday will make you feel that extra special when you return home. And, your body will love you for staying healthy on holiday.

Watch the Booze

Is it even a Woolacombe holiday if you’ve not been to the Red Barn for a drink? Or spent a few extra hours in the evening with a bottle around the BBQ? Many of us massively increase our usual calorie intake on holiday with alcohol.

Drinking on the beach

We’re not saying you should abstain, but maybe take it easy and have a less fuzzy head in the morning too. Or swap your drinks; add a diet mixer rather than full fat, have a single rather than a double, bottled beers rather than pints, add a diet dash to make it a shandy or spritzer.

It’s your holiday, so indulge as you feel, but try staying that little bit healthier while on holiday and you’ll have much more time to enjoy yourself, while still feeling good.

Healthy Holiday Choices

Choose the smaller slice of cake and eat a few less chips. It’s quite simple. We don’t want you to feel guilty when you’re spending precious time away with the family but making a few little choices with help you feel a whole lot healthier on holiday, and help you slip into that outfit better too.

BBq healthy on holiday

Maybe focus on your favourite treats, savour them and take enjoyment from something you’ve waited for rather than eating every treat in sight. Eat the ones you really enjoy, ditch the rest!

Keep a bowl of fruit in your accommodation rather than a bag of sweets, iced fruit lollies rather than ice creams and choose a slightly smaller portion. Make some healthier holiday choices, it’s very easy.

Healthy Sleep on Holiday

Some of us stay up late to enjoy the nightlife and are up again at the crack of dawn, to fill our day with sightseeing and activities, maybe an active day of walking or in the sea. We head home more tired than when we arrive – maybe this can sometimes be a sign of a holiday well spent!

Seep for health on holiday

Take the time to slow down a little, spend that extra hour in bed in the morning or spend a lazy afternoon lying in the sun on the beach, eyes closed and enjoying the sounds & smells of an amazing Devon beach.

When we are tired, we consume more food, we’re hungrier and we are less active. Give yourself the chance to recharge with a good snooze, then be up and about with the best of them. Stay healthy on holiday with your eyes wide shut!

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