Coolest and Craziest Hot Tubs Around the World

Hot tubs can be either the very dictionary definition of sophistication, or something of a testament to eccentricity. Nevertheless, there are really only two kinds of people in the world – those who own a hot tub and those who wish they owned one.

For some, hot tubs are all about quiet and relaxing escapism – an idyllic retreat from the real world where cares melt away in a pool of blissful bubbles. Alan Titchmarsh seems to be a big fan of garden hot tubs in this Telegraph article. For others however, the very sight of a hot tub is all that’s needed to invoke the urge to party as if it was Earth’s final day (mentioning no names hot tub time machine). In any and all instances however, good relaxing times are guaranteed whenever there’s a hot tub around.

A recent study by holiday lettings company Classic Cottages reports that after Wifi, a hot tub is the next thing people ask for in holiday accommodation and we’re delighted to have some stunning luxury lodges with private hot tubs planned for the 2016 season, click here to find out more.

So to celebrate our hot tub lodges coming next year, and what’s undoubtedly the must-have luxury accessory for anyone living the high life in the 21st century, we’ve put together a list of the coolest, craziest and most awe inspiring hot tubs from around the world. Suffice to say that if you didn’t realise how much you wanted a hot tub in your life, whether at home or on your next holiday, you will after seeing some of these!

Jagged Edge, New Zealand

Lake Wakatipu provides the incredible backdrop for this sublime hot tub, which sits outside the equally outstanding Jagged Edge holiday home – a snip at around £6,500 per night!


Twin Farms, USA

The gorgeous Twin Farms resort boasts a bunch of unique accommodation options, though none come close to the opulence of the Aviary. This simply stunning structure boasts not only incredible views, but also the luxury of a real stone hot tub perched in front of a roaring open fire.


Katikies Hotel, Santorini 

Santorini is famous the world over for its incredible beauty, but there’s really no better place to gaze upon the iconic blues and whites than from this huge and breath-taking hot tub at Katikies. Fit for any Greek God or Goddess!


 Hot Tub Above the Clouds

Living the ‘high life’ in more ways than one – this incredible hot tub is located high above the Dubai skyline in the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world.


 Northern Lights View Hot Tub

It’s not as if taking in the spectacle of the Northern Lights isn’t magical enough – why not amp things up even further with a soak in this gorgeous hot tub? Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and with nature’s greatest light show all around you, what more could you ask for?


La Sultana, Marrakech

If you’re on the lookout for something truly palatial and borderline ostentatious, this is definitely the hot tub for you. Located at a luxury hotel in Marrakech, this carved stone beauty really is the stuff of dreams.


 Laucala Island Resort 

How about a sunken stone tub with a lagoon view on the simply stunning Laucala Island in Fiji? Absolutely everything about this mecca to relaxation takes pure paradise to new levels.


Hot Tub in a Snowy Forest Home, Telluride, Colorado

Pure escapism at its finest, the real world feels a million miles away for anyone lucky enough to take a dip in this inspiring hot tub. Located in an idyllic snowy forest in Colorado, it’s tranquility the likes of which most can only dream of!


 Velassaru Island Resort In Maldives

Here’s a hot tub that takes the very best of what nature has to offer and combines it with a heady dose of modern technology. Affectionately referred to as the ‘Hot Tub Tide Machine’ there can be few tubs on Earth with a more stunning view than this.


Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero, Botswana

A classic hut revamped with a dash of modern day magic, this wonderfully tranquil hot tub in Botswana really does bring together the best of all worlds. And with the sounds of the night jungle all around, it’s a recipe for pure paradise.


Chalet Lottie, Switzerland

For those who prefer to do their après-ski in style, Switzerland is bursting with ultra-luxurious chalets. This however happens to be one of the best – the view from this hot tub at Haute Montagne must to be seen to be believed.


Resort Valle dell’Erica, Sardinia

On a slightly larger scale, this epic hot tub in Sardinia is just the ticket for those looking to entertain a rather more extensive crowd of revellers. But then again,  you could always lap up the luxury on your own – why share a treat this exquisite?


The Scarlet, Cornwall

Definitely one of the most unusual takes on a hot tub you’re ever likely to come across, the summer season in Cornwall may be rather on the short side, but these free-standing tubs at The Scarlet are just the ticket to keeping warm on the coldest of days and looking out at the amazing views.


The following hot tubs are a little different…

Hot Tub under a Waterfall

Noisy but nice, if you don’t mind the din of the falling water around you, then this would undoubtedly but one of the most blissfully tranquil escapes you’re ever likely to experience.


 Hot Tub, Russian Style

At what point does it cease being a hot tub and cross the line into simple boiling people into soup? Apparently this doesn’t quite fall into the latter category, but it must be pretty close!


Hot Tub, Norwegian style

Dig a hole in the snow and throw in a hot tub – why complicate things when you don’t have to, right?


Builders Hot Tub

Not exactly the kind of thing anyone should be looking to try at home – there’s a very fine line between a DIY hot tub and quite literally poaching yourself alive! Still, full marks for creativity.



 Hot Tub Boat

Can’t quite afford a boat with a hot tub on-board? Well, how about a hot tub that is a boat! That’s right, all the pleasure of both combined into a neat (and decidedly more affordable) package.


We hope you enjoyed these hot tubs and we’ll have more news soon on our blog about our very own luxury lodges with private hot tubs planned for the 2016 season.

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