Bonfire Night Safety

Remember, remember, that safety is your priority this November. As we look to host home displays, safety is paramount – bonfire night safety means a little more this year, of course.

Many organised displays have been cancelled this year because we are unable to gather in groups. We will be hosting our annual fireworks displays across our Parks, so please do check the skies if you’re in Woolacombe on Saturday 31st October (Halloween, of course!).

Bonfire Night Safety Group

Social Distancing

We should all know the rule of 6 by now, as well as other social distancing measure and your local alert level. You cannot gather in a group of more than 6, unless you are in a single-family household or support group – this includes children.

Rule of 6 on bonfire night

Share with neighbours if you are able to, time your displays together while all staying within your own garden and keeping well distanced.

Do not use public land, this is often not permitted anyway.

Bonfire Night Safety

Young family, safe on bonfire night

Keep away from children and pets. Always keep in the original packaging and store away from any sources of heat or ignition. Always read the instructions and any safety warnings properly.

Midnight is the official curfew on bonfire night, please respect your neighbours. Let them know in advance when you are planning a private display. Be mindful of animals (pets, livestock, horses etc.) as well as vulnerable people in your local area.

Dogs on bonfire night

You cats and dogs should always be kept inside, as well as any other pets. They don’t like the noises so always take special care of them.

Only buy fireworks from licensed stores or websites.

For more Government safety advice, visit the official website.

Indoor sparklers

Devon & Somerset Fire Service

Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service Area Manager, Darren Peters:

This Bonfire Night we are asking you to stay safe and protect the NHS.

If you insist on doing something at home, keep fires and fireworks small. Make sure you store fireworks safely and keep fires and fireworks well away from anything that could burn, such as sheds, fences and your home. Keep a bucket of water or a hose nearby, and never leave anything unattended.

Visit their site for more information on bonfire night safety.

Family watching fireworks

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