Why do our clocks go back an hour in the Winter?

The days are getting shorter, nights are drawing in and evenings spent sipping hot chocolate in front of your living-room fire are getting more and more appealing. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were putting our clocks forward and wearing flip-flops, but soon we’ll be saying hello to Greenwich Meantime, woolly hats and the comeback of regular roast dinners.

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romantic breaks in devon without the kids

Romantic days out: trips away from the kids in Devon

Devon is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic parts of the UK. With dramatic cliffs to walk across, shaded, leafy valleys to stroll through and some of the best view points from across the land to sit and look at whilst snuggled into your significant half. So leave the kids with their grandparents and go explore these top romantic spots in our green and pleasant county.

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surfing lesson Woolacombe

Surfing lesson review: when I rode a wave

I moved to Woolacombe a few months ago and taking a surfing lesson was definitely on my “must do” list. I became fascinated with watching the surfers and those having their first go in the water. I love the idea of riding waves and being so close to nature. I love surfing culture, the vibes, everything about it. I want to be part of it.

I can swim well yet something about the ocean makes me nervous. I want to have a go at surfing so I need to overcome this.

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Fishing break Devon

4 sporting break ideas you can enjoy on our Parks

If you are an active type why not turn your next holiday into a sporting break? Have you been inspired by Wimbledon and Rio 2016 Olympics? There’s nothing more memorable than trying new experience on holiday especially with family or friends. Especially when you can have a good go at beating Dad. There’s whole range of sports to have a go at when staying at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks and you could end up becoming a pro!

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