bucket and spades Easter Holidays

Why do we have Bank Holidays?

Teaching Poodles to Read

And Studying Ants

Why do we have Bank Holidays?

Sir John Lubbock, first Baron of Avebury, studied ants and tried to teach his poodles how to read. He was also a scientific writer, banker and politician. In 1871 he drafted the Bank Holiday Bill, which created our first Bank Holidays, when it became law.

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easter eggs at easter

Easter, Chocolate and Church

Why we celebrate Easter

From Easter egg hunts to biting the ears off chocolate bunnies, the end of Lent to the resurrection of Christ, our Spring festival celebrates depictions of new life and change. For those that are not so religious, it marks a fun-filled long weekend.

Whether it’s about chocolate or church for you, our Devon Holiday Parks and the rest of the country are getting ready for Easter. We have some quite interesting and, somewhat, amusing trivia that may shine a light on why chocolate, bunnies and religion share the same event. You almost certainly won’t know every fact…

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Billy Betty Woolacombe Bay

Holiday Park Opening

29th March 2019

The finishing touches are going into Holiday Park opening preparations for our Woolacombe BayTwitchen House and Easewell Farm Holiday Parks. Spring is upon us and we’re almost ready for the 2019 holiday season. 

So, what preparations go into opening a Holiday Park? We stole fifteen minutes with General Manager of Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park, Lauren Church, to understand why she’s so busy right before our guests arrive… 

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