6 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

It’s been a long, wet winter and an Easter egg hunt is the perfect excuse to get active, get outside and breathe in some fresh Spring air with the family. Here are 6 ideas for all the family to enjoy as the days get longer and weather gets warmer!

1. Activity Easter Egg Hunt

Set up activity points around the garden or park that you have hidden the eggs in. At each point the children must do the activity assigned to each point – star jumps, forward rolls, etc – before they can continue hunting for eggs!

For every activity the children complete, they get an extra treat!

2. Pirate Treasure Hunt

Wake your children up on Easter Weekend with a tea-stained treasure map of the house, garden or park nearby with an X marks the spot where you’ve hidden their chocolatey goodies! Add details and clues to make the adventure a little bit more exciting.

easter egg hunt pirates
Shiver m’ timbers… set sail on an Easter egg hunt with a twist!

3. Craft Challenge

Fair weather isn’t something that we can always predict. And it could just be that a race around the garden is off the cards because of rain. If your Easter egg hunt has to be inside, hide crafty challenges around the house for the little ones to complete. For every cute Easter craft they complete they get an egg!

4. Balloon Pop Hunt

This one is sure to be fun for everyone! Pop little treats (or clues to find the treats) inside some balloons, blow them up and throw all over the house. In order to get treats or clues, the balloons must be popped!

If you have really little people taking part, try wrapping the gifts in paper and hiding them instead.

5. Bunny Prints

This is the cutest! Cut out bunny paws from card – or make them out of flour if you’re ready for the cleanup – and lead them up to the places where you have hidden treats. All your children need to do is follow the tracks!

easter egg hunt bunny ears
Bunnies and Easter go hand in hand

6. Easter Coupons

Nobody wants to fill their children up with sugar only for tantrums later in the evening! Instead of chocolate treats, try putting little pieces of paper in some plastic eggs with activities they can cash in on over the Easter holidays. These can include anything from “go to the park with Grandpa,” to “have tea and cake with Mummy” or “play hide and seek with my brothers and sisters.”


Do you have any good Easter Egg Hunt ideas? Let us know!

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