Woolacombe Beach Guide

Beach Guide

Part #1 of our North Devon Beach Guide

Devon boasts some of the most memorable and unspoiled beaches in the UK. From shell-full shores to miles of golden sand, pebble ridges to world-class surf and amazing sand dunes as far as the eye can see. Part #1 of our beach guide covers the Woolacombe area.

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camper and awning

Which Pitch?

Camping Pitches, Touring Facilities & More

Our Devon Holiday Parks offer a fantastic choice for both Camping pitches and Touring pitches in Devon. We’re surrounded by magnificent views of the countryside and our beautiful coastline.

Our guests keep coming back, year after year, so we must be doing something right. We have brilliant campsite facilities and Woolacombe is second to none. So which pitch is right for you?

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Barbecue Tip-list

Techniques, Tips and Tools

Barbecue season is here. The longest day of the year is upon us, otherwise known as the Summer Solstice, and with it comes the return of festivals, longer evenings and outdoor eating.

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Beach campsite

Campsite Checklist

You’ve booked a campsite. You’ve researched your trip away, reviewed the area and planned your activities, as well as days out and about. You’ve arrived with smiles galore, only to discover you’ve got nothing but wonky tent pegs, mouldy sleeping bags and nothing to open the beans with…

Whether you’re touring with an awning, camping or glamping, or even caravanning around – we’ll ensure you are well prepared and have everything you need.

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Sunset Surfer

Experience Woolacombe

Sand, Sea and Sunshine

Hours of sunshine on your skin, miles of sand between your toes, salty spray in your hair and the sea calling you in for a dip. Woolacombe is a magical place where childhood dreams are made, and adults start to dream again. Read more

Rainy Days

Wet and Windy in Woolacombe

9 things to do on a wet and windy day

When the sun is shining and the skies are blue, we have big smiles on our faces and Woolacombe Beach lovingly calls us to descend upon its golden sands. We are in Devon though and we don’t always get what we wish for, sometimes it’s wet and windy and we must change our plans.

We have so many all-weather things to do for you and your family. We’re a top destination come rain or shine, of course, so your holiday will never be ruined if the heavens do open!

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Girl holding chocolate bunny

Don’t miss out this Easter!

Are the Easter eggs running out?

They might be.

So, we’re in the Easter school holidays and those huge displays of eggs in the shops are fast running out! There used to be a pile of chocolate eggs on sale, just after the double bank holiday, however Supermarkets have become wise to this. Stock levels have been reduced to stop waste.

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