What to plant in your garden now!

Hoorah! The days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer and the daffodils are out in full force. This means it’s time to get outside, teach your kids about where food comes from and how to live from the earth. As well as that satisfying feeling of getting your hands dirty!

March may seem a little early to put seeds in the ground. After all, much of the UK is still prone to snow and frost at this time of year. However, this is prime planting time for veggies, flowers and some fruit if you can make the time!

Plant fruit and vegetables

If you want to show your little ones that food doesn’t grow on supermarket shelves, teaching them to plant seeds, letting them see them grow and then taking it to the dinner table is a wonderful way to get them involved with the outdoors.

If the soil in your garden isn’t too soggy or wet (and even if it is, you can warm it up with a bit of environfleece), March is the perfect time to get a whole host of vegetables on the go. Artichoke, beetroot, broad beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, lettuce, parsley and spinach can all be sown out now. If you have a greenhouse, aubergines, cucumbers and tender vegetables can be sown in here until the outside warms up!

You can also plant early varieties of tomatoes and seed potatoes. They should be placed in a bright and cool place (a sunny window space is perfect) so that shoots will form before putting them in the ground.

Plant roses and bulbs

March is the time for begonias, dahlias and lilies to be planted. As well as dead heading any early bloomers who were a bit hasty in saying hello. Rose bushes now need to be pruned and any dead, damaged or diseased stems need to be removed.

After snowdrops have flowered, and when they are still in leaf, it is a good idea to divide the bulbs and then replant at the same depth as they were before. This will ensure a good crop next Spring!

Plant flowers

It’s all go this month, and seed sowing time is at its height right now. Most Summer bedding plants can be sown ready for a Summer of colour and beautiful smells in the months ahead.

Sweet peas, fuchsias, calendulas, nigellas, marigolds, petunias… almost everything you could think of is ready to be put in the ground to suck up all the goodness of the earth!

plant fruit and vegetables in March
March is a great time to plant fruit and vegetables ready for Summer

Are you ready for Spring? And do you have any garden tips for parents or newbie gardeners? Let us know!

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