autumn foraging beginners guide

A Beginners Guide to Autumn Foraging

As the heat of Summer dwindles, its warmth lingers in bushes and drips off trees in the colours and tastes of Autumn. The plants around us have been collecting goodness all Summer and store it in bundles of sweet fruits for the Winter.

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A Guide to staying with a dog in a Holiday Park

We know that your pooch is as part of the family as the kids and we also know you wouldn’t go on holiday without them! Here at Woolacombe Bay, we welcome dogs with our dog friendly holiday accommodation and stunning location with miles and miles of coastline ready for dogs to be walked on!

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romantic breaks in devon without the kids

Romantic days out: trips away from the kids in Devon

Devon is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic parts of the UK. With dramatic cliffs to walk across, shaded, leafy valleys to stroll through and some of the best view points from across the land to sit and look at whilst snuggled into your significant half. So leave the kids with their grandparents and go explore these top romantic spots in our green and pleasant county.

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Devon’s Best Secret Foodie Spots

If you’re anything like us, travelling is as much about the food as it is the destination and we often get asked what are Devon’s best secret foodie spots. Eating takes you to the heart of a place, shows you its soul and warms your belly with delicious love.

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healthy campfire recipes cooking

5 Healthy Campfire Recipes for Nights Outside

Finding healthy campfire recipes can seem a little daunting; trying to rustle up a nutritious meal under a canopy of leaves, without under-cooking or burning your food on coals. But cooking alfresco doesn’t have to be an ordeal, difficult or unhealthy (however easy burgers and sausages are!)

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camping outdoors in Woolacombe

5 ways to help your child fall in love with life outdoors

The benefits of a life outdoors are endless; improved concentration, better motor skills, lower stress levels and an overwhelming higher sense of wellbeing and happiness. But in a world where screen-time has taken preference over getting muddy, video games over splashing around in rivers and reality TV over building dens in the overgrown hedge at the bottom of the garden, then how do we teach our children to love where we came from?

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